Ryoko Duffel Bag

Viator Tote

Dopp Kit


The Ryoko Duffle is the perfect travel companion thanks to its lightness, versatility, and elegance.

Its timeless and sophisticated design was updated to include stunning color options such as mahogany, navy blue, and black. Brass feet were added to protect the bag while you travel.

The bag was crafted with extreme care and attention to detail ensuring it will hold up to any excursion- from short day trips to extended globe-trotting escapades.


If you’re looking to elevate your work or travel bag, the updated Viator Tote is just what you need.

 This new version features the addition of feet to protect the bag when it’s placed down on surfaces. Interior compartments were added including several elastic pen holders allowing you to conveniently access essential items.

Its padding was reinforced to keep your items safe. You can feel confident that your laptop, iPad, and other belongings will get to your destination in one piece.


The Dopp Kit offers a colorful and stylish way for you to carry your essentials. You can pick the one that best matches your favorite travel bag.

This bag has been reinvented with a wider opening that makes it easier for you to pack and access your belongings. You can feel confident that all your grooming goods are safely tucked inside.