Posted: October 25, 2019

Title: Full-Time Production Assistant/Manufacturing Apprentice                      

Reports to: Production Manager

Location: Portland, OR

Mission: To produce Orox’s line of high quality, handmade leather goods across all production departments, and actively contribute to the continued improvement in both the quality of our products and the efficiency of our production practices by utilizing best practices including principles of lean manufacturing. 

We are looking for a qualified and committed individual to join our team as a Production Assistant/Manufacturing Apprentice, who will specialize in the manufacturing of our leather products. Production experience is a bonus, but the ability to work on one’s feet all day, every day with focus and energy is required.

Duties will include mastering the skills & steps of prepping and finishing workstations in our production studio (riveting, applying adhesive, clicker machine use, sanding, painting, precision trimming, etc.) while conforming to established standardized procedures and maintaining efficiency, focus, and high standards of quality throughout. 

In addition to the requirements outlined below, and to being a cultural fit within our small and growing family team, this individual should possess a keen kinesthetic & tactile awareness for working with his or her hands, and a creative conceptual ability for problem-solving and process-improvement. 

Role Competencies

  • Strong mechanical skill set and comfortable working safely with a variety of hand & power tools with multiple materials.
  • Ability to perform repetitive physical work while standing all day, maintaining energy and focus throughout.
  • Quick learner, able to conceptualize complete processes, both physical and abstract.
  • Adaptable to working efficiently both individually or with a team; switches tasks & roles easily
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills; listens carefully, conveys thoughts effectively & concisely.
  • Positive outlook with kind, honest, and respectful attitude toward ALL responsibilities and co-workers.
  • Willingness to take initiative on each task assigned. 

Required Skills

  • Adequate hand strength. 
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs. 
  • Proficient and with common tools (riveting tools, belt sander, knives, hammer, mallet, drill, etc.)
Qualifications / Notes
  • 1+ years experience in a manufacturing or production facility.
  • Must be able to pass a drug test and background check.

To apply, send us an introductory email to and include your resume and cover letter.