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Notebook Keeper - Black


A simplistic silhouette with subtleties presenting bold and electrifying color tones. The word ‘luster’ finds its roots in the Latin word ‘lux’, meaning ‘light’, and implies brilliance and radiance, emphasizing the way this wallet interacts with light, presenting its highest quality when pulled out, put to use, and exposed to light.

High Quality Leather: Made from our newest Luster leather, this keeper is hand polished, and hand waxed to accentuate its shine.

Multiple Pockets: The Notebook Keeper offers multiple inner pockets, and a sleek, sophisticated profile that is as fashionable as it is functional.

Buy-It-For-life: Our leather is hand picked and inspected by eye, for the simple reason that the integrity of the leather we use is of the utmost importance, as we intend it to last a lifetime.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: We proudly use the highest quality materials and construction methods. Each product comes with a limited lifetime warranty, covering any potential defects in the materials and craft of the product.


½”L x 4 ½”W

Orox Leather Co. proudly uses the highest quality materials and construction methodology in our products.  
Each product we sell comes with a limited lifetime warranty which covers all defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product.  
Changes in appearance over time are not covered by our warranty as leather products naturally age with use.
The wearing of soles on sandals is not covered under the product warranty. However, we offer resoling services for our sandals at a rate of $35 per pair. 


Please contact Orox for a return authorization before returning any items to us.  Returns that are shipped to us without prior authorization will be returned to the sender. 


Orox will fix or replace at our option any item that is determined by us to be defective. You may return an item within seven (7) days of its purchase or receipt for a refund of its purchase price. You may exchange your item for a different finish or for a different product or products within thirty (30) days of its purchase or receipt.*


Orox will only accept items for refund or exchange that have not been worn, used, or altered. If additional costs apply for a price difference you will be contacted for your credit card information, as we do not retain credit card information from our customers.There are no refunds on items damaged in shipping. In that case, you must file a claim with the carrier. There are no refunds of shipping costs on packages returned. Only cost of goods will be refunded. 


You must notify us in advance of any return so that we will be expecting your package.Returns that are sent without our prior knowledge will be refused.


*Products purchased between November 15th and December 25th have an extended refund and exchange window -- until Janurary 1st for refunds and until January 15th for exchanges -- in order to accommodate holiday gift-giving. Please bring your gift receipt for these items. 

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