orox stands for oregon and oaxaca...

... the past and present homes of our family. Carrying on a tradition of leather crafting skills that spans four generations and three countries, we believe in timelessness and durability. We believe that leather goods must be classic in style and should last you a lifetime.

At our Portland workshop, every product is thoughtfully designed and meticulously handcrafted. We take pride in being a local business, deeply connected to our community. Family is the core of our business, so once you become family, you're treated as family—because you deserve nothing less.


If you're looking for the perfect everyday handbag, the Merces Cross is for you. Recently upgraded with new colors for a vibrant summer look, this bag was designed by Jacky, our family's matriarch. It strikes the perfect balance—not too big, not too small. With multiple pockets to keep you organized and a spacious compartment for all your essentials, you can wear it crossbody or as a shoulder bag with the adjustable strap.


A timeless bestseller, our Fanny Pack was born out of countless requests for a versatile crossbody pack that can be worn both on the waist and across the chest. Perfect for everyday wear and light adventures, this stylish and functional pack effortlessly combines convenience and fashion, making it an essential accessory for any wardrobe.


While designing the Luna Bag, we aimed for a versatile and elegant addition to your collection. Our newest introduction, the Luna Bag, is a modern take on a classic silhouette. This stylish shoulder bag effortlessly transforms into a crossbody, offering flexibility in wear. Despite its sleek profile, it cleverly conceals a spacious interior for all your essentials. Blending form and function, the Luna Bag complements any outfit and accompanies you on all your adventures.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This bag was an impulse purchase that I deliberated for 48 hours before a trip to NYC. It has been SO nice to have my hands free in the city and not worry that I left my bag on the train/subway/seat etc. The leather is insanely soft and supple. I have other luxury bags but this one is the best quality by far. It’s my first OROX bag but certainly won’t be my only one for long. The only hitch is that despite being marketed as a fanny pack, it cannot be tightened enough to sit on my hips. I suspect that I can take it in to the shop and have them punch more holes into the strap, I just didn’t have time before leaving.
— Ranie G.
Customer reviews
This is my second Merces crossbody bag. I love the size, and this Royal leather is amazing! Good structure but still soft to the touch. Love the black handles. The craftsmanship on these bags is perfection.
— Wanda V
Customer reviews
I wanted this bag for a year and finally bought it, what took me so long?? I am carrying it for the first time today, on a trip from Portland to Mexico City - here it is in all it's glory, on a hook at the hotel bar! the color is beautiful, the quality is outstanding including the zipper. my first, but certainly not my last, Orox bag
— Laura P.
Customer reviews
I bought both the black and the white color and love both of them. They are roomy enough to hold everything I need. The quality, as always, is the best.
— Maggie C.

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