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Meet the Family

The Orox Leather Company Family - Handcrafted Leather Goods in Portland, Oregon

Like all families, ours is complex and dynamic. Although we have our differences of opinion and our stresses, we are blessed. We love working together and forgiveness, openness, and laughter are (usually) in ample supply. We each bring different strengths, skills, and perspectives to the mix that is Orox Leather Co.

José is the creative leader of Orox Leather Co. He’s been an entrepreneur and designer ever since age 8 when he made Rod Stewart inspired shoes for himself and for sale. José wants to please everyone and he’s always trying out new designs and techniques. He’s done some pretty improbable things, such as working for 6 year in Japan as a master leatherworker in residence at a Wild West theme park. When he returned to his native Oaxaca, he opened the city’s first sushi bar and combined his love of Japanese food and culture with high quality local ingredients. José brings great energy, humility, and joy to his work.

Martin concerns himself equally with Orox’s look and with the nitty-gritty of inventory and administration. Martin graduated from PSU where he studied marketing and supply & logistics management. The oldest of four siblings, Martin is used to taking care of people and things. Martin was José’s first apprentice and learned to work leather with minimal machinery. 

Levi is an excellent craftsman and ambassador for Orox. He loves talking to customers and he’s got a knack for charming all sorts of people. When we owned a sushi bar in Oaxaca City and Levi was just 8 years old, he’d teach diners to use chopsticks and they’d end up buying him dessert. From there, he’s moved on and varied his repertoire. Levi started as an apprentice when he was 10 and since then he has been Jose Martin's right hand in design and manufacturing, mastering both craft and style. User experience is essential and Levi puts our products through the paces before we sell them. This means trying out sandals in rough hiking conditions, rocking out bow ties, and making sure that our latest technology cases are up to the task.

When Kevin was little he loved launching rockets and blowing things up. Now he’s mellowed and is focused more on creation than destruction. Highly creative, careful, and something of a perfectionist Kevin wears many hats at Orox. He’s integral to quality control, he’s built many of our displays, and he’s designed and created his own tools (that he lets us use, too!). Although Kevin is great at connecting with customers, he often prefers to stay behind the counter, working on solving problems and making things.

It’s a cliché, we know, but Jackeline keeps us all connected and grounded. She’s got a great design sense that is invaluable when it comes to displaying and bringing our products to life. Extremely organized and great at connecting with people, she’s useful in the front and back of the house. And her recipes that we feature in our newsletters are for real – she’s a terrific cook, too!

John Carey
John has 35 years of corporate experience in sales, marketing, finance, and program development – mostly with HP. His skills and temperament are a terrific complement to our expertise in design and craftsmanship. John joined the Martinez family in November of 2010, when his daughter married Martin, and he decided to join forces with Orox, as Chief Financial Officer and President, shortly thereafter. The senior member of the team, John connects the dots, keeps operations running smoothly, and makes sure the business is financially sound. Orox is founded on the blending of cultures and John is an integral part of that. We’re thankful for his business insights and his compassion.

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