Our Founders team.

We each bring different strengths, skills, and perspectives to the mix that is Orox Leather


My dad has an incredible ability to conceptualize ideas into actual products. He has been sewing and making leather products since he was 8.

José is the founder, creative leader, and master leather maker at Orox Leather Co. He has been an entrepreneur and designer since the age of eight when he learned and made his first pair of tennis shoes for himself. Soon after, he started making and selling them in the marketplace. José’s ingenuity has led him on an interesting path. Before joining his son, Martin, in Portland, he worked in Japan for six years as a master leatherworker. When he returned to his native Oaxaca, he opened the city’s first sushi bar and combined his love of Japanese food and culture with high-quality local ingredients. José brings limitless design vision, humbleness, and joy to his work.


With decades of corporate experience he brings lots of experience into our family business.

John is the Chief Executive Officer and President, with 35 years of corporate experience in sales, marketing, finance, and program development – mostly spent with Hewlett Packard. His skills and temperament are the perfect complement to the Martinez family’s expertise in design and craftsmanship. John joined the family when his daughter, Ann, married Martin. A senior member of the team, John connects the dots, keeps operations running smoothly, and ensures the business is financially sound. Orox is founded on the blending of cultures and, in that, John is an integral part.


Martin is the oldest of the boys and is in charge of developing systems for Orox.

Martin is the General Manager, and concerns himself equally with Orox’s look and the nitty-gritty of managing Orox’s day-to-day operations. He holds a degree in supply and logistics management from Portland State University, where he first developed the business plan to create Orox. His graphic design and marketing background also served Orox well when developing the signature brand logo and store aesthetic. Martin is José’s oldest son and first apprentice.


Levi is our manufacturing manager and also sales floor manager. He is also a middle child

Levi is the Director of Production, as well as an excellent craftsman and ambassador for Orox. As José’s second son, Levi started in the workshop when he was 15, eventually becoming José’s right hand in design and manufacturing, mastering both craft and style. Levi concerns himself with the quality and experience of all Orox products. This means wear-testing sandals in rough hiking conditions, rocking every wallet, and ensuring that Orox’s latest manufacturing technology is up to the task.


My mother has learned to sew and make bags with my dad

Jackeline co-founded Orox. In Oaxaca, Jackeline partnered with José to build the Japanese restaurant becoming his sous chef. Now in Portland, Jackeline has developed incomparable sewing skills. She has an amazing design sense that is invaluable in the creation of Orox’s product line. All the purses, including the popular Merces line, have all passed the “Jackeline” test. Outside the workshop, her recipes are featured in the Orox newsletter. Beyond leather, food and family keep it all together.


Kevin is in charge of manufacturing and quality improvement of our goods.

Kevin, the youngest of the three brothers, wears many hats at Orox. He is highly focused on protocol and the manufacturing process. Being highly creative, careful, and somewhat of a perfectionist, he has been integral to the quality of all Orox products. He’s built many of the displays in the store using his welding skills, and designed and created his own tools (that he lets us use, too!). In addition to working at Orox, Kevin is in school at PSU studying engineering.