Summer is a time for wanderings, days out, and all sorts of adventures. So as to avoid having your hands full of objects or awkwardly using your shirt as a pouch, may we suggest - a bag. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Let us introduce you to a few.

Our Backpack Tote (left) is a spirited wanderer. Not too big, but big enough for lunch, a few other essentials, and whatever you might find along the way. This bag might look old fashioned but its functionality is anything but.

Our largest bag, the Drawstring Rucksack (right) is ready for multiple days our and about. Or just one if you're carrying gear for your whole family. Oil tanned leather, waterproof waxed canvas, and vintage nickel swivel snaps combine for a rustic and sophisticated look.

Roomy and versatile, our Exilis Tote (left) can carry an elegant lunch for your urban picnic or hold its own strolling over hills and down country lanes. With an unusual silhouette and rounded shoulder straps, the Exilis Tote demands attention. But most importantly, it delivers excellent functionality and durability.

Or course, in the end, it's up to you how you use any of these bags. We're sure you'll come up some great ideas. Happy wanderings!




May 13, 2015 — Martin Martinez