We just joined Supportland, a terrific network of small, local merchants and makers. Above you can see Martin shaking hands with Katrina Scotto di Carlo, one of Supportland's founders. Supportland is a way for independent businesses (like us) to link and work together. And it is a way for consumers and residents to support the local economy and earn rewards or "merits." Merits can be redeemed at any participating merchant. So, you can buy some gifts at MadeHere PDX and redeem your merits at Pistils Nursery - or any other Supportland member.

It's free for you to join and start taking advantage of this program! You can get a membership card next time you're in our store. Or you can download the app at Google Play of the App Store. And by supporting local businesses you'll be keeping money in the local economy, creating local jobs, and helping build vibrant, walkable communities. Yes, that's a lot of benefits, but they're all true.

May 27, 2015 — Martin Martinez