We’d like to wish all our customers and friends a very happy Father’s Day. We hope that you all have someone to thank, acknowledge, remember, or simply show a little extra kindness. On Father’s Day we get to acknowledge José Martinez, our father and the creative force behind Orox Leather Co. We try to recognize all that he does for us and Orox every day. Last week we all sat down and shared some of the many reasons we appreciate our father, José.

Kevin:  Our father is a great listener and a natural teacher and he strikes a rare balance between giving us freedom and support. He is interested in our contributions to design and production, but he also lets us learn and think on our own.

Levi: I love that he has such a creative mind and that he’s always thinking of new things to make, not just leather goods, but solutions for our house and more. He’s unstoppable. He’s also always ready to talk and offer thoughtful (and usually good) advice.

Martin: I love that my father can immerse himself in such a wealth of ideas and that we all get to take part in that. It is quite a treat that our work is so collaborative and so creative. Also, more and more, I am appreciating my father’s stories. I’ve begun to realize that he repeats stories for good reasons and that these stories are full of valuable lessons.

Martin, Kevin, and Levi: we all look forward to many, many more years of working together, learning together, and supporting each other! Thanks!

(Photo Credit: Javier Abad)

June 18, 2015 — Mark Feldman