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Stirring, patriotic images of American manufacture are a dime a dozen. And indeed you can find such images on our social media. But with the 3rd annual American Made Matters Day (11/19) just around the corner and with increased interest in buying local, we thought it high time to lay out some of the benefits of buying U.S. made products and supporting your local economy. Many of are likely already familiar with these benefits and even though we’ve separated them many are interrelated and mutually reinforcing. (As most of you know Orox prodcuts are made in our Portland workshop and more than 90% of our materials are U.S. sourced.)

American Made Matters Day - Nov. 19th

Benefits of Buying U.S. and Buying Local

It supports the U.S. and local economies. Every dollar you spend on U.S. goods stays within the domestic economy. And if you buy “local” whether that means in your state or in your neighborhood that money and its positive impacts stay even closer to your home. 
It creates jobs. Manufacturing currently supports 12 million jobs in the U.S. If we buy more American products the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs will grow.
It fosters better worker conditions. The U.S. has strict workplace safety regulations, so when you buy U.S. you are also supporting worker safety.
It can lead to less environmental impacts. U.S. environmental regulations are typically more stringent, so U.S. made products tend to have less negative impact. (And when you buy Orox products you know they will last just about forever, ensuring that you won’t need to replace your bag or sandals anytime in the near future!)
Buying U.S. made products leads to a multiplier effect. This means, in simple terms, that every purchase not only directly supports the U.S. economy through the sale price. It also supports the salaries of U.S. workers. Local shoppers are more likely to eat in local restaurants and make other purchases locally. All of this supports the local tax base which helps fund things like parks, transit, and libraries.

Orox Leather Co. and the Martinez Family are proud to be part of our current wave of “reshoring” – the process in which industry chooses to locate or relocate in the U.S. Thanks for all your support and happy American Made Matters Day.

PS: If you’re looking for lots of great local goods all under one roof, check out MadeHere PDX. The name says it all.

Orox workshop with American flag


November 16, 2015 — Mark Feldman