Mexican Hot Chocolate

We have a few special offers this holiday season that will be in effect from today (11/24) until January 2nd (2016!). For starters, we’ll be offering homemade Mexican hot chocolate in our store so come on by for a rich, sweet taste of Mexico!

All purchases (in our store and online) less than $250 will receive a free Citus Cord Minder. Purchases greater than $250 will receive a leather bracelet (shown above) and a Citus Cord Minder. All web orders receive free (3-5 day) shipping. (No Promo Code necessary.)

We’ll be open for business on Friday (11/27) and Saturday (11/28). If you’re getting a jump on your holiday shopping, we’d love to see you. We can promise that there will be no throngs of shoppers and no long lines.

Also on Friday 11/27 and Saturday 11/28 Supportland is offering double merits. A great offer if you’ve got some shopping to do. Our Classic Key Chain is 300 merits or just come by and earn some!

Thanks and have a great start to your holiday season!

November 23, 2015 — Mark Feldman