Fall is here and will be doing its magic in every city soon enough. Harvest time will be here, the leaves will be changing color and the nights will be getting longer.

As this new season starts, we want to welcome it with a few leather goods recommendations that will be perfect for chillier weather.

  • Ryoko Duffle bag: Thinking of taking a trip this fall? You can’t be without our Ryoko hand duffle bag. Company founder and father ⁣José Martinez was inspired to create our Ryoko design when enjoying his own travel adventures. This fantastic and timeless leather duffel bag makes an ideal travel companion.
    Our Ryoko hand duffle bag features a beautiful waterproof wool lining to keep your items safe and dry. A full hide of leather wraps around the whole duffel providing durability that'll last a lifetime.
best duffel bag
  • Merces Cross - Every woman needs a crossbody bag. The Merces Cross, will be your go-to leather crossbody bag for every occasion this fall season. The bag is a best-seller due to its versatility. It was designed by our founder Jackeline to hold everything you need with effortless style
crossbody bags for women
  • Jacky: Our Jacky crossbody has your back this fall with a wide variety of colors that will make your outfits pop. This genuine leather crossbody bag was inspired by our Mexico Lindo y Querido! We wanted to give our customers the experience of carrying a small piece of our home country with them wherever they go. Carefully handcrafted by Mexican artisans, this leather crossbody bag is part of the Nuestras Raices collection.
small crossbody bag
  • Proletariat Hat:  This cap embodies the spirit of everyday adventure thanks to its waterproof waxed canvas and beautiful leather accents. It’s a go-to cap that’s perfect for every fall occasion.
  • Aprons: Our handmade apron is a must for chefs, home cooks, DIYers, woodworkers and anyone else who likes to get their hands dirty. It features adjustable leather straps and multifunction leather pockets. It's heat resistant and water resistant. We guarantee it will be your go-to leather work apron this fall. 
Leather Apron
  • Leather tray: If you're looking to give your home a sophisticated touch this fall, our leather tray is the accent piece for you. Whether you use it as a bedside coin tray or as a decorative leather tray, this item is the perfect storage valet tray for you to place your go-to autumn items. 
Leather tray and catchall
  • Wine Caddy: Just like wine, our wine caddy and all of our leather goods only get better with time. Fall season (and every season to be honest) calls for a gathering with a wine carrier leather and that holds not one, but two bottles of wine. Our 2-bottle leather wine carrier is one of our most popular items. It makes an excellent gift when paired with a couple of bottles of the recipient’s favorite wine.
  • Coasters: From OROX to all of our Oregonian friends! Our Oregon Landmark custom leather coasters are a must-have for coffee lovers, beer drinkers, wine connoisseurs, and health drink fans alike. Our leather coasters are sold individually; so you can put together your own leather coaster set! Our variety of colors and designs are perfect for the fall season.
leather coasters personalized