Orox Makes History: First Mexican-Owned Shop at Portland Airport!

We are proud to announce that in the spring of 2024, we will be opening a pop-up at the new terminal of the Portland International Airport. This is something we only dreamed about, and now we feel so blessed that it has become a reality.

As a family of makers inspired by our Oaxaca roots, passion for craftsmanship, and appreciation of multigenerational trades, we carry our family heritage deeply within us. We carry not only our culture and art behind our craftsmanship but also the hard-earned lessons, the successes, and above all, the passion and vision for creating durable leather heirlooms that our father and his father before him passed down.

Opening this store at the Portland International Airport represents more than just expanding our family business; it’s an opportunity to share our heritage and pay respect to our roots. This opportunity helps us ensure the continuation of the artisan culture of Mexico that made us who we are today. We feel so blessed to be in this position and pay homage to the diverse tapestry of Latino and minority cultures, spanning across borders and celebrating exceptional craftsmanship, as we will have the opportunity to offer and share our craft with millions of people from all over the world who pass through the airport.

As an immigrant family here in Oregon, we feel so blessed and honored to be the fi
rst Latino-owned gift shop in the Portland International Airport. This opportunity comes thanks to PDX’s innovative pop-up program, designed to support women- and minority-owned businesses.

Our vision for this store is in alignment with the airport’s vision for the new terminal, which is to represent the diverse and rich culture of the Pacific Northwest. It’s our hope that this new location allows us to showcase our work alongside other artisans and fosters a love for exceptional craftsmanship, celebrating the beauty of maker culture in both the PNW and Mexico.

We’ve come a long way since our great-grandfather created baseball gear for his own baseball team back in our home city in Oaxaca, Mexico. We’re so grateful for your ongoing support and love for our work, which has taken us where we are today.

Mark your calendars
on May 22, 2024, and make sure to stop by our new store the next time you’re flying through PDX. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the maker culture of our city. Can’t wait to share our craft and passion with the world. Nos vemos pronto, Portland Airport!

Por vida y más,
The Martinez Family


For press inquiries or additional information, please contact:
Martin Martinez
CEO President 
Orox Leather Co.
Email: martin@oroxleather.com
Phone: 503-894-0123

Download the press release here.