Our handcrafted leather goods start with the best possible raw materials. We use only the highest quality leather, canvas, and denim, from the best tanneries in the world.

Our palette of exceptional materials delivers timeless style and unparalleled durability, so you can pass your Orox bag, purse, or pack on to your kids, grandkids, or whoever else is lucky enough to be next in line to receive these heirlooms.

We select our materials with great care and use them in ways that ensure optimal performance that will last you a lifetime. Below you can read more about their character, history, and properties.

Oil Tanned Leather

Some of our best seller products are made with oil tan leather, a soft buttery leather made in Red Wing, Minnesota

Oil-tanned leather is buttery and durable; the result of a variety of oils being added during the tanning process. Oil-tanned leather is water-resistant, scratch-resistant and lasting, which makes it the perfect material for the bodies of the majority of our bags and purses.

Over time, this leather will become shiny and smooth, particularly in the spots that are worn next to your body. Our oil-tanned leather is sourced from the best tanneries in the world. We use oil-tanned leather in our Nuntius X and Merces Tote, among other products.

Luster LeatherShiny and in many different jewel colors

Our brand new Luster Leather Collection marks a bold new direction for the company and the brand’s first foray into sourcing international leathers. Still holding fast to local manufacturing & design, Orox has created a stylish & utility-driven line of new products for everyday use.

Each piece in the Luster Collection is hand-polished to highlight the jewel-tone colors. This unique leather is form-fitting, comfortable to carry, ages beautifully with use, and is hand-selected to ensure premium quality.

My father, Jose Martin getting the shine out of a Jacqueline handbag with a brush.

Chromexcel & Essex LeatherBoth Essex & Chromexcel leather are sourced from Horween tannery in Chicago. It features a medium gloss and a pull-up duo tone effect that shows when you flex the leather

Chromexcel and Essex are form-fitting leathers, expanding and contracting with use and temperature. This makes it perfect for our wallets and phone cases, allowing them to age quickly and adapt to your use. Chromexcel and Essex leathers have more shine and flexibility than other leathers, and over time will retain its luster and achieve a beautiful patina. These unique characteristics are the result of the combination of soaking the leather in Neatsfoot and Mink oils for weeks. We put Chromexcel and Essex leather to use in our iconic Classic Bifold Wallet and our popular Leather Tray.

English Bridle Leather Sourced from the oldest tannery in US, Herman Oak this leather is perfect for belts, handles and straps for all our bags. Very durable

English bridle leather is sturdy, thick and malleable. Traditionally used for equestrian equipment, we use this leather for straps, belts, and handles so that they can withstand a lifetime of tugging and yanking. English bridle leather is tanned with vegetable oil instead of animal oil so the leather is stiffer and drier. Over time, English bridle leather softens tremendously and develops a nice shine. Lighter colors of English bridle leather will darken, picking up the classic wear of time. 

Waxed Cotton & Denim Canvas and denim are 2 of our most commonly used fabrics. We like those two materials because they age gracefully with the leather and are durable too.

Like high-quality leather, waxed canvas is classic and timeless, looking at once old-fashioned and of the moment. Over time, waxed canvas will become softer and accumulate nostalgic signs of wear and marks of character. Our waxed canvas comes from the Martin Dyeing and Finishing Co. in New Jersey, a family owned business that’s been around since 1838. We use our waxed canvas on our Rucksacks to withstand the weather and rain of the Pacific Northwest.
  Perhaps no material is more American than denim, born during California’s gold rush and popularized by brands such as Lee and Levi’s. Denim has always remained an iconic fixture in the texture of American life, which makes it perfect for the timeless nature of Orox’s products. We are relative newcomers to working with denim, but we love its toughness and the way it pairs with leather, metal buckles, and clasps. Our denim comes from Cone Denim Mills in North Carolina, who have been making denim since 1891. Denim provides a flash of color for our Viator Carryall.

Wool FeltOne of our new materials is felt. We love how much body it gives to our product and how elegant it looks combined with leather.

Clean lines, structural body, a minimalist aesthetic, durability and uncompromising quality are the hallmarks of felt on our products. What combination of materials could possibly be finer than leather and wool? Both speak to longevity, both lend a sense of importance. 

CopperExtremely malleable with a lifetime durability copper is an amazing way of assembling leather.

Copper hardware is a distinguished counterpoint to leather and canvas. Buckles, clasps, and rings are more commonly made out of brass, nickel, and brushed chrome, but we especially love copper. Our solid sand casted copper hardware is U.S. made by Clendenen Brothers in Baltimore, MD, established in 1865. Over time copper takes on a beautiful subtle greenish patina, and if you don’t prefer the weathered look, it is easy to clean. We feature copper hardware in our Parva Rucksack and Merces Purses.