Industry Apron


Introducing our Industry Apron, a premium essential for professionals crafted with meticulous attention to detail and functionality. This apron is designed to elevate your work experience while offering unparalleled durability and ease of maintenance.

The Industry Apron is meticulously dry cleaned to ensure a pristine appearance, ready for immediate use. Featuring US-made water-repellant cotton body, it's built to withstand the rigors of your work environment while keeping you comfortable and dry.

Designed for simplicity in cleaning, the entire body is crafted from textile material, making maintenance a breeze. The removable straps are crafted from oil-tanned leather, known for its soft texture and flexibility, ensuring both comfort and durability.

Fastened with Orox's signature no-weight design, the apron straps provide a secure and comfortable fit without adding unnecessary bulk. Whether you're a chef, bartender, or craftsman, the Industry Apron is your go-to choice for style, functionality, and longevity in the workplace.

Color might vary from bag to bag due to limited leather supply.


• Removable straps made of oil-tanned leather, boasting both a soft texture and loose fit.
• Apron straps are fastened on Orox’s signature lightweight design.
• Dry cleaned for cleanliness. Remove leather straps.


• US-made water-repellent cotton body.
• Body is entirely made of textile for easy cleaning.

Industry Apron - Blue