Tradesman Apron Heavy-Duty


Introducing our Martinez Family Apron, initially crafted for personal use but now available to all. This durable and stylish apron is perfect for woodworking, leather crafting, blacksmithing, or any project you have in mind. Made from water-repellent Soft Leather Collection, its 1mm thick body gains a beautiful patina over time. With 2mm Oil-tanned pull-up leather pockets, cross-over strap design, and Orox’s signature lightweight apron straps, it offers comfort and functionality. Complete with heavy-duty English Bridle Straps and six pockets, it's the perfect blend of style and durability for any task.

Color might vary from bag to bag due to limited leather supply.


Monogramed Items are not eligible for returns nor exchanges.

• Water-repellent Soft Leather Collection. The apron will gain a beautiful patina over time and with use; shine and darkness will develop with rubbing. The body is soft leather, 1mm thick.
• With a cross-over strap that drapes over your entire back and body, this apron becomes a seamless extension of you. The apron straps are fastened on Orox’s signature lightweight aprons.
• Designed to distribute weight evenly, these straps provide long-lasting comfort during extended wear, minimizing strain on your shoulders and neck.
• Conveniently placed chest and waist pockets provide ample storage for tools and essentials, keeping everything you need within easy reach for enhanced productivity.


• This apron's waxed leather makes it perfect for any occasion, adding a statement of professionalism to any activity. Whether you're behind the bar, in the woodworking shop, or grilling for your next party, this apron is versatile and stylish.
• Featuring 2mm Oil-tanned pull-up leather pockets to secure your accessories.
• Heavy-duty English Bridle Straps ensure your apron maintains its shape and durability.


• Flat Dimensions: 35”L x 31 ¾”W
• Weight: 1.35lbs

Tradesman Apron Heavy-Duty - Tan