Woven Market Tote


The Woven Market Tote emerged from a story of personal redemption that came out after spending three years in jail for a minor offense and turned into a community-wide beacon of hope. The art of weaving traditional market totes, has now been passed on to a community of coffee growers from Oaxacan Mixteca deeply affected by coffee pests and economic hardships. This new trade offers an alternative livelihood, reducing the need for migration out of their community and providing a new trade to help their local economy.

This style of tote is full of timeless nostalgia and is cherished because of their durability. Today, single use plastic totes is discouraged in Oaxaca and this once iconic tote has revived and showcases modern patterns and vibrant colors.

The Woven Market Tote is more than a traditional item; it's a testament to the enduring spirit and collective strength of the Oaxacan community, symbolizing heritage, sustainability, and hope for the future.

16.5" x 12.5" x 6"

Color might vary from bag to bag due to limited leather supply.

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Woven Market Tote - Black & Silver