We’re enjoying these late, soft spring rains in Portland and certainly don’t want to complain when there are such severe droughts elsewhere. This is, however, a great moment to dispel a popular misconception: namely that a bit of moisture will ruin your leather bag. Most of our bags are made out of oil tanned leather, which is water resistant. Our backpacks and rucksacks are made for the rain. Orox backpacks and rucksacks feature waxed canvas, an exceptionally waterproof and durable material. Straps and detailing are made with oil tanned leather, which also is water and moisture resistant.

Our leather bags and accessories can be safely used all year round, even in the rainy Pacific Northwest. All of our products are designed for years of everyday use, so fear not. A bag like our Merces Large can certainly cope with rainy days. We’d advise an umbrella, but don’t worry if your bag gets wet. Wipe it off when you get inside; you and the bag will be fine. So, pack your bag and feel free to ignore the weather forecast.







June 03, 2015 — Mark Feldman