We take great joy in designing and crafting exceptional products. But if those products didn’t journey out into the world, we’d eventually tire of our work. Our products only fully come alive when they are used and loved, when they accumulate signs of wear and memories. We’re a little sad to see a bag or purse leave our shop as each item takes hours of careful work. But we also know that they need to take flight.

In more philosophical moments we think that we’re in the business not of making leather goods, but of creating happy customers. We absolutely love hearing from our customers and keeping in touch as they use their Orox goods. If something is not right, we’ll do all we can to fix it. A few weeks ago got this note from Wade and it made our week: "I rarely take the time to contact a company that I've transacted with, but I need to tell you guys something. Not only is the apron you hand crafted one of the sincerely nicest pieces of equipment I've ever worn, but the fact that you included a hand-written note with the shipment was over-the-top awesome. Doing business with you reminded me of transacting with the local hardware store where I grew up in Iowa....they took pride in service and relationships....you guys do too. My dream is to someday open a shop that caters to a "man's man" clientele...and your product will be prominently featured. Please let's stay in touch." Thanks!

We sincerely hope that Orox products bring joy to their owners not just at the time of purchase, or opening of the gift box, but every single day that they are used. And as or products are designed to last a lifetime that’s a lot of days.  

September 16, 2015 — Mark Feldman