So much today moves so fast. Certainly there’s much that we love about the speed of contemporary life. But we’re also troubled by how so much of what we buy is used only for a little while and then thrown away. Not only does this drain natural resources and fill up landfills, but it also can devalue craft and manufacture. We lose a great deal when so much of what we buy is made cheaply, often far from our homes, and designed to fail after a short period of use. We also suspect that buying more and replacing it more frequently isn’t really making us happier.

At Orox Leather Co. we’re very happy to be doing something that runs counter to these trends. We spend our days handcrafting heirloom leather goods that will last a lifetime and then some and we take pleasure in doing it slowly and well. In Mexico we learned to make leather goods that last just about forever and we've continued to do so. We don’t want you to buy a new belt every season. Instead we’d like to sell you one belt that you truly love and that will last a lifetime. The same holds for everything that we sell and all of our products are backed by a limited lifetime guarantee.

We’re part of an informal but growing resurgence of U.S. craft. There are compelling environmental reasons to buy products that last and last. We also like to think that shopping in this way will help make each and every purchase truly memorable and special.

October 07, 2015 — Mark Feldman