Portland Monthly x Orox Leather: Fall Fashion Feature

Portland Monthly x Orox Leather: Fall Fashion Feature

Thanks so much Portland Monthly Magazine for featuring our new Luster Leather Collection in their Fall Fashion 2019 Stories! Fun fact: Our Jacqueline handbag (The Green/Emerald one in the photo below) was inspired by two very strong women: our beloved founding Matron and Mother, Jackie Martinez, and fashion icon/former First Lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy ❤️

Check out the entire Luster Leather Collection here and please also give POMO's blog post a scroll for a full list of other amazing shops and accessories.

Thanks as always for your support, Orox Leather family!

Portland Monthly Magazine Orox Leather Co. Luster Leather Fall Fashion Feature

The Parva Rucksack was handmade using high quality leather and canvas and was made for outdoor adventures!

Winter Adventures with Parva- Taking Quality Leather Goods into the Great Outdoors

When I was told this beautiful, hand-crafted rucksack was made of waterproof canvas and built to last a lifetime, I immediately wanted to test it's limits. Call it a remnant childhood need to challenge what I'm told, or call it a sense of curiosity, but I'll tell you one thing: this bag has now been thoroughly field tested. Luckily I live in the beautiful, rugged Pacific Northwest, and opportunities to drag it through the wilderness are easy to come by.


Parva Rucksack

Our highest aspiration is to make leather goods that last forever and that are forever good. 

April 05, 2016 — Mark Feldman

Old Ways: Truffle Hunting with Dog

Hound Found Oregon's truffle-seeking chocolate lab, River, outfitted with an Orox collar is finding truffles the old way, along with Jason Swindle.

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Lean Manufacturing and Sustainability

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Built to Last a Lifetime (and then some)

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